Tributes & Experiences

These videos illustrate the soul of Stunting

Introducing Marston to Evolve Stunting Remake

Devillox and Freezik decided to remake Marston’s intro from 2016 in 2018. This is pretty cool.

The Impossible Stunt

Dark is the first person to land the Maze Bank ever. He has cemented himself in stunting history.

Breaking Point [Dec. 23-30, 2017]

Toxic was one of the last old-gen giants who really knew how to car stunt. This fail montage really illustrates his struggle to land his best stunt, and it is beautiful. This was Revolution’s TT5 opener stunt.


Fantaztic is a collaboration tribute to a pioneer of V stunting. Taz was the best car stunter, even for a while after he stopped. Blaze, Marston, and Valk put this video together to celebrate Taz’s legacy in GTA 5 Stunting.


Supernuva is still arguably the greatest teamtage of all time, and for good reason. These stunters wanted to pay NU&VA some respect by elegantly recreating this masterpiece.

Leo – Unexplored

Leo is a GTASA stunter, who made a montage using a V map mod. Really a cool thing to see

Long Live the Alliance

Marston pays homage to the late great Versa Alliance by landing a handful of their stunts.

Cattleman Remake

Aero and Caloupe remade Marston’s solo montage Cattleman. Marston is pretty legendary so its nice a tribute montage could be made for him.

BANG Remake

Masaboy remade this legendary Evolve BMX montage, and in spectacular fashion. Masa is a legend himself and one of the few people who could remake such a video.

The Lombank Struggle

Blaze is the last old gen stunter and has been pushing the game to its limits. Back in 2016, he broke the longest car stunt record and has held it since. This is his story of the first time he broke that record and how it came to be. This was finisher to Revolution’s VLR.

Cryptic Towers Tribute

Marston pays homage to Cryptic Stunting in this ‘remake’ per se. He lands all of the prison towers just like Cryptic did all those years ago.

Landing Maze Bank 12 times in 1 week – World Record

Polish is a radical stunter, and when Dark released Maze Bank, Polish took it upon himself to try and raise the bar one more time. I think he did.

Overcome Remake

Caloupe is a BEAST, and decided to remake Eternity’s Overcome. This is a grand video and a pleasure to watch.

The Roller Coaster Journey

This is a special video from Marston. He goes through the process of landing one of GTAV’s most creative stunts.

Ascendance Remake

Six years to date, “some dudes” decided to remake this legendary video by one of the greatest teams of all time.